I’m kind of jumping back and forth with my posts.  This post is from a while back, but just didn’t have the time to edit the video and put it all together.

When you build the Sintratec unit, there is a length process of building the hardware, installing the electronics, and doing a crude calibration with a paper grid.  It gets you in the ballpark of where you need to be.

But then, you do a “fine” calibration which takes a small model (provided by Sintratec) and builds it in your machine.  Once it is finished, you excavate the item and measure it with a precision calipers or micrometer, so you can get down to the hundredths of a millimeter.  (Yet another “tool” you would need to have if you are thinking of getting a Sintratec or SLS printer.)

Sintratec goes over this whole process pretty well, and 3D Chimera’s notes help with the process, so this is not that hard. I mainly made this video because I some people out there might want to watch someone doing it in person, before they tackle it from a PDF.  Here you go: