Sorry for the delay recently.  I caught a cold and haven’t been able to work much.  I’m still doing a sizable amount of code for the upcoming website, but that’s nothing interesting.  Basic PHP and CSS mods and such.

Here are some videos of the Pulley problems I mentioned in the previous posts.  I’m still going to post the codes for the Monster CNC UI, but I want to have them more functional first.  These early tests are still incomplete and it would be foolish to post in-progress code this early.

This first video shows a quick preview of the simplicity of the UI.  I like this “speed” slider, because the old formats that use the “>” and “>>” buttons were, to me, kind of archaic.  This UI also includes a path preview, and since I used the XML format, it loads unbelievably fast.  Some time I’ll batch process a large XML and test it’s speed with 100,000 coordinates.  I may also include an option to predict the overall time, with respect to the maximal direction.

As you can see, the Y-axis stepper has some sort of resistance.  The secondary pulleys offer almost no resistance, so I’m not sure what is going on.  I have a theory that the round belt is the culprit.  I’ll replace it with a chain, and if that doesn’t fix it, then I’ll add a synchronized second stepper.