Time is running out! Nick and Glenn’s Veggie Oil Road Trip Project and Documentary only has two days left.  Time is being counted in hours, and soon minutes!

Quick Summary:  We are driving through eastern Canada, Appalachia, the Atlantic U.S. Coast, and up the Mississippi River all on VEGGIE OIL.  And we are filming our trip so that we can make a documentary about our journey.

If you want to help our project, go to our Kickstarter page to make a pledge.  You’ll be supporting a great cause, helping our environment, and sticking it to those greedy oil companies!

Every little bit helps.  Also, it helps to post our video on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Helping us spread the word is just as important as making a pledge.  🙂

Thanks for your help,

from Nick, Glenn, and the Veggie Oil Road Trip Project Team.