Big News!  We are kicking off the fund-raising for the next big Waste Veggie Oil (WVO) road trip and documentary.

We are raising a small amount of money to produce a documentary about our WVO cars, the conversion process, how to use this type of fuel, and see how one can go across North America using alternative fuels.  Also, we are adding a bit of comedy to the mix, so it’s not just another boring biodiesel documentary.

This is very exciting because it’s a great opportunity to support a great cause, get a unique reward for your contribution, and stick it to the old oil companies.  🙂  Every little bit helps.  Also, spread the word!

Here is the link to the video and fund-raising website:

Here is some more information (from our kickstarter page):

What is our cause?

We are putting together a documentary about two friends who converted a car to run on vegetable oil and their upcoming road trip through eastern Canada, the U.S. Atlantic coast, and Appalachia.  The film will show the biofuel conversion process and document any repairs that happen while traveling.  We plan to travel over 6000 miles across North America to film interesting sites, people, and anything we encounter.  Imagine a cross between “Survivorman” and “Junkyard Wars” and “Trailer Park Boys.”


With increasing fuel costs worldwide, everyone is looking for new types of energy.  Used Vegetable Oil is an exciting alternative to conventional petroleum resources.  We have been experimenting with Vegetable Oil Fuel Systems for years and have been able to develop a system for long-distance travel.

How to help?

All donations are welcome.  We are accepting monetary contributions, but also, if you are a greaser on our route, filtered/dewatered veggie oil donations are great too.

Funding helps us in the following ways.  First, we need to do conversion and automotive repairs/maintenance on the vehicle.  The vehicle will need to last several thousand miles on an experimental fuel, so proper maintenance is a must.  Second, we need to acquire camera, audio, and storage equipment to document the trip.  Since anything can happen on a road trip, we need to keep the cameras rolling.  Last, it will cover any expenses incurred for repairs and other things during the road trip.

Thanks in advance for your support!

This is really happening!

This is really happening!