Tony Castillo has set up a lasercutting service here in Los Angeles.  Time to spread the word!

Ages ago while attending SCI-Arc, I met Tony while jamming in the wood shop.  He’s a super talented and creative guy, who has great DIY instincts.  If there was anyone who embodied the tradition of  SCI-Arc, it was Tony.  He always was making, building, inventing, experimenting.

Tony’s new experiment is the Lasers Over Los Angeles (LOLA) service.  He’ll be providing lasercutting work for inexpensive rates.  This couldn’t come at a better time…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted access to a cost-effective lasercutter for my DIY home projects and also commercial work.  LOLA will be the first place I think of when the next lasercutting task comes over the horizon.  🙂

Tony Castillos LOLA PROJECT

Tony Castillo's LOLA PROJECT