Another episode in Functional SLS 3D Printing:  Making an adapter for a PVC downspout into a standard rain barrel.  Check out the video:

This project was interesting for a couple reasons.  First off, I implemented a wifi power supply to the Sintratec Kit, to allow me to e-shutoff the device remotely.  I’ve been in situations where I was away from the machine, but monitoring it via my smartphone-linked webcam, but couldn’t kill the machine if there was an error.  So far, I haven’t encountered this scenario, but now I have the peace of mind to know I can abort the mission from anywhere with a wifi or cell connection.

Next, this print job combined a couple projects in one.  It ran on about 100 models in one bed, along with the adapter.  I even packed in extra models inside the tube, because if there is space, I might as well use it.  I used 75% old powder and ran it at a hotter temp than usual. It was on the cusp of powder fusion, so I wouldn’t try this again unless I was trying to really get close to the corners of the bed.  Also, it was 1067 layers, and it successful ran to completion.  I did a 10-layer “forced sinter” on the startup, after an extra long warm-up time (about 120-150 minutes) to ensure all the powder was ready.  I watched until the end, where it applied only 4 layers above the last print layer. That’s a buffer of only 0.4 mm.  WILD.

If you want to download the STL File of my barrel adapter, click here:  Large_Barrel_Hole_Adapter_(Fine_Threads) You may want to slightly offset the threads by a hundredth of an inch just to make your adapter a little less snug.  But if you like it like that, then leave it as is.  🙂

I’ll keep making videos of Functional SLS Prints while this lockdown continues.  It’s a good opportunity to test these things out.  Onward!