For the last few months, I’ve been trying to push the limit of this kit.  For the most part, it has a 10cm height limitation.  But thanks to some modifications I made to the back of the kit, finding the utmost maximum height for the supply- and left-bin (down to the tenth of a millimeter), and restricting the powder preparation by “force sintering” only after ten pre-layers were laid, I was able to achieve the largest print to date with my machine.  Also, judging by the number of post and pre-passes of powder, I estimate I have a theoretical max of 1076 layers if everything works perfectly.  Here’s the video of the moment it reached 1066 layers and finished the top layer passes:

Going to post a few more assembly videos once I finish this batch of prints.  I plan to make over 3000 3D Prints in the next few weeks, with approximately 500 done so far in this batch.