As you might have noticed, I have been a bit absent on my blog.  It is not an indication of my laziness, but more of a practice of taking the advice of my accountants.  While I was working away at the programming, refining, designing, marketing, and manufacturing of my latest project, the game I named “Mega-Dots!,” my accountant recommended I go on radio silence for the duration of the R&D and production, so that it is more of a surprise at the release.

So now that the first edition (the Mark Twain series) is out on Amazon, I’m free to post all the innovation on the development of the image-to-CTD (Connect-the-Dots) plug-ins I wrote, along with various other commercial product developments.  It was a bit of an uphill battle, since we, as architects, tend to work on one-off or loosy installations and constructions, I had a steep learning curve researching various topics like UPC’s, FBA, S&H, Trademark law, etc, etc.

So my plan is as follows: To catch up, I’m going to post all my previous work.  While this will be confusing, I plan to backdate this post, along with other posts with their respective actual creation dates, even though they are going to be published rapid-fire over the next few days.  So hopefully, if you have been following this blog or its RSS, if the succession is bazaar, this is the reason.