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6.9 or 7.3 IDI Injector Pump (IP) Replacement in a Van

Removing the IP on an IDI Van can be a bit of a chore, but not impossible.  Here is a video of me doing this.

In the video, I talk about some injector line retainer clips that I modified.  I have photos of my modification and a pretty nifty write-up here:

Injector Line Retainer Hack (to keep the nut in place)


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Chris Armand

Great site..Question Do you think I can replace intake manifold without removing Injection Pump? I know I will have to remove injector lines. I’m putting R&D intake on which incidentally you have to use if you use Justins Turbo pedestal, exhaust manifolds and up pipes.


hmmmm. With the injector lines removed, then I suppose the intake could be slid out the back. IDK.

Since it’s so hard for me to install the injector lines on my IP (in the van), I usually try to keep my IP and injector lines connected as much as possible, since the bottom two lines are such a PITA to tighten down. In order to tighten the bottom two, I almost always have to remove the IP anyway (like the video shows) to hoist the butt of the IP up to access the bottom two lines. So no matter what, in the van, I have to pull the IP when I’m pulling the bottom two injector lines.

Since the IP is so easy to remove (3 nuts and 3 bolts), I’d recommend pulling the IP and injector lines attached, then pull the intake. Just make sure to mark the rotation of the IP on the gear housing with a paint pen, so you can return it to the previous timing.


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